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Green Building

Green building for a healthier, more sustainable future

At Custom Build Maryland, we use green building practices and materials whenever possible. Like you, we care about the durability of your home. We’ll help you conserve energy through environmentally friendly building materials.

We’ll present green building options during your historic restoration or custom home consultation. Together, we can conserve earth’s resources and keep your energy costs low.

Our goal is high-quality green building with a reduced environmental impact.

Here are our energy-efficient building initiatives:

  • High R-value insulation — such as foam insulation — in floors, walls, and attics
  • Tight construction and mastic-sealed ductwork connections
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling equipment
  • High performance, energy-efficient windows, lighting fixtures, and appliances
  • Options to enable placing attic ductwork in conditioned spaces

Our green building construction won’t just help reduce your utility bills. It will create a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere.

You’ll rest assured knowing your custom home or historic restoration is beautiful and good for the environment.


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