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Great Customizations for Your Garage

The value of a garage can never be downplayed. This is where you safely store your cars, tools, and other items. Why just let it be this plain dusty room when you can customize your garage to get even better use of it? From lighting to expansion, you have several options to enhance the garage itself. Here are some great customizations to make your garage both visually appealing and highly functional!

Expand the Garage

If you’re feeling squished in your garage, why not expand it?! Expanding your garage will not only give you room for vehicles but also provide more storage and workspace! This can also make it safer to be in the garage. If your garage is tight, you’ll always have the risk of damaging your car or other items, particularly in low visibility or slippery conditions. A small garage will also limit your mobility, making it difficult to work or simply get around in. Remodeling your garage to make it larger will enable you to have more space to use and operate safely in. This is will also increase the value of your overall home and make the property more appealing to prospective home buyers.

New Lighting

Customizing your garage lighting has several practical functions. For one thing, you’ll be able to clearly see in the garage even when it’s very dark. This means that you’ll be able to safely maneuver your vehicle at all times. If you use your garage to do carpentry or other projects, adding a customized lighting system will help you have more visibility to do detailed work in. Again, this will enable you to work safely, but you’ll also be able to work more efficiently because you’ll be able to see your work more clearly!

New lighting is a great way to make your garage look nicer overall too. Installing soft lights overhead will give you a warm, relaxing welcome whenever you and your loved ones come home. You could also add additional lighting above a workstation or in other key areas to maximize luminance. In the holiday season, you could even incorporate Christmas lights and decorations into the design of the garage.

Add Doors

The standard garage setup has the car entrance and a single door leading into the house. This works well, but who says you can’t have multiple doors to your garage. An additional entrance could add significant convenience, allowing you ultimate access to your car based on your location. You’ll also have a door that you can enter or leave in the event of an emergency, or if you get locked out.

The doors themselves can also be highly elaborate or simple based on your vision for the garage. Like the front of your home, a visually interesting door can herald an equally interesting and well-organized garage. This is another way you can add character and visual appeal to the garage overall!

Add Windows

Another way to increase the light in your garage is to add windows. These windows will help reduce your need for electric lights while also making the garage seem more like a continuation of the house rather than just a place to put the cars. This in itself will add to the curb appeal of the overall house which will peak the interests of potential buyers if you’re interested in selling.

Adding energy efficient windows will help the garage retain more heat in winter, allowing you to work in comfort! This will also reduce the time it takes for you to get your car warm before driving off into the cold! This also is something you could market to buyers.

We Can Help

At Custom Build Maryland, we pride ourselves on providing the skill and insight to help you accomplish all of your home improvement needs for you and your family to enjoy. If you’re considering customizing your garage or adding a new one, our experienced staff will work with you to create the garage you’ve always wanted!