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Historic Restoration

Preserve Maryland’s legacy with a historic restoration

Historic restorations are special opportunities to preserve buildings of unique historical significance. At Custom Build Maryland, we work with you (and your local historical preservation agency if needed) to restore and preserve your building’s beauty and functionality.

Our historic restorations are labors of love.

Custom Build Maryland’s owner will conduct your historical restoration consultation and handle the permitting and project management. He will personally walk you through every step of the historic preservation process.

We take our reputation for Maryland historic preservations seriously

No matter the current condition of your building, our experienced historic preservation and restoration team will design and build a project that complements its historical nature.

With you as an important part of our team, we’ll complete your historic preservation project. The end result will convey classical beauty, have practical functionality, and possibly use sustainable materials.

A properly executed historic restoration should look as if nothing has been done. Here’s what our expert craftsmen perform for your property:

  • Major structural stabilization and foundation repair
  •  Restoration of historic masonry, exteriors, windows, and doors
  •  Preservation of historic stained glass
  •  Repair and replacement of historic plaster
  •  Additions of custom cabinetry and millwork
  •  Installation of alternative heating and cooling systems

We can also handle all your paperwork. That includes consulting, executing, and filing forms for county or state historic tax credits.

Watch this video to see an historic chapel restoration.

To learn more about Maryland historic properties, visit the Maryland Historic Trust Inventory of Historic Properties.


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