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Custom Construction FAQs

Custom Construction FAQs

What locations does Custom Build Maryland serve?

Custom Build Maryland provides custom construction and historical restorations in Central Maryland and along the Eastern Shore.

How long will my custom construction project take?

The completion time for a custom construction project depends on the building’s complexity. If you schedule a consultation, we will develop a timeline based on your vision.

How much will my custom construction or historic restoration project cost?

Whether you want to design and construct a custom home or restore a historical house or building, the cost depends on many factors. These include the project scope, the property size, and the type and amount of building materials.

How does custom home building differ from the plans provided by tract builders?

Custom home building is different than tract house building because they are constructed with only the features that you want. You have free reign – from the style of the house’s exterior to the ceiling heights, from the light fixtures to the type of stone used for the counter tops, you can choose whatever you want.

If you schedule a consultation, we will discuss the budget after we hear your vision for your custom construction project.

How do custom construction plans differ from tract builders’ plans?

Custom homes are only constructed with the features that you want. You have free reign over all design aspects. You choose the style for your exterior, ceilings, light fixtures, counter tops, and beyond.

What type of “green building” features does Custom Build Maryland offer?

Like you, we care about conserving energy while making your home beautiful and durable.

To make your home environmentally friendly, we implement any green building materials and construction techniques that you want. Visit our green building page to learn more.

Will my custom home have a warranty?

Yes. Your custom home comes with a third-party warranty from Professional Warranty Corporation.