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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Three Ways You Can Add On To Your Historic Home

Older houses can be a mixed bag – some historic properties are sizeable estate homes with plenty of space and an ample number of rooms. Other properties can be rather compact, especially the beautiful row homes that are commonplace in densely packed urban areas, and these houses boast plenty of charm but tend to feel
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Four Steps to a Better Bathroom

Whether you love where you live or you’re dreaming of something better, one thing remains constant – sometimes the basics just aren’t good enough. Adding conveniences might seem like an unaffordable luxury, but it’s definitely possible to get the features you want without breaking the bank. Take the modern bathroom, for example. The standard, three-item
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Catching Fire: A Basic Guide To Fireplaces

Very few things contribute to the ambience of any setting like fire. Friends and family, dancing around a raging bonfire on a cool summer’s evening. A warm, cozy blaze, shining brightly as a family gathers around to watch a movie. The quivering flame of a few candles and a fireplace full of smoldering embers as
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Finding Land For A Custom Home

Building your dream house can be an exercise in patience, creativity, and hope – as you watch the construction process unfold, the goal is for you to be delighted each step of the way as your fantasy is literally built before your very eyes. Each additional frame, feature, and detail that is hammered into place
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