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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Decorating Your Historic Home For The Holidays

Bright lights, festive decorations, boughs and holly – nothing says winter like the aisles and aisles of décor that fill every shelf at the store from October through the end of the year. One of the most revered, timeless traditions for the holiday season is decorating your house – and there’s nothing quite like an
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Renovation Ready: Putting Together Your Team

Remember when you bought your home and were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about everything you were going to do to make the place your own? Now, years later, there are probably still a ton of things on your list – and if anything, it may have grown longer, rather than shorter over time. A major
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Spooky Sounds: Your Guide To Eerie Home Noises

From creaky floorboards to strange squeaks, the number of scary sounds that a house – new or old – can make can be a little unsettling. Especially during this spooky time of year, with Halloween right around the corner, those bumps in the night can often lead our imagination down roads darker and more twisted
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Green Thumb: Your Guide To Cleaner Air At Home

If you’ve ever thrown back the curtains, opened the blinds, and let the sun shine into your home, you’ve probably enjoyed that moment of brilliant natural light… until you see all the floating specks of dust in the air. It can be a little surprising – especially if you are pretty diligent at keeping your
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