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Is Open Concept Right for You?

Turn on any home-makeover TV show and you’ll hear the term “open concept” at least twice.  As the latest rage in interior design, it’s sweeping through homes across the United States and Canada.  Before you jump on the bandwagon, though, make sure you’ve thought through what will ultimately be a big remodeling project. What does
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Why Do You Need a Permit?

Many people see building permits as a bureaucratic step standing between them and their dream home.  In reality, it’s an important piece of the overall building process that protects all parties involved for the foreseeable future.  So, before you complain about this task at your local permitting office, consider the practicality behind the process. It
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Tips for Designing a Custom Built-in Bookcase

If you’re a book-lover, what better way to store your treasured literature than with a new built-bookcase? The answer: a custom-made bookcase! Not only will you be able to store your books safely but this addition will add a unique feature to your home that will enhance the visual aesthetic of your house. A built-in
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Great Customizations for Your Garage

The value of a garage can never be downplayed. This is where you safely store your cars, tools, and other items. Why just let it be this plain dusty room when you can customize your garage to get even better use of it? From lighting to expansion, you have several options to enhance the garage
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Major Benefits of Remodeling

Have you thought about changing up your home to breathe new life into the space? Remodeling gives you countless options to further customize your home and increase your comfort. If you’re thinking that now is a good time to remodel, go for it! Here are just a few benefits of remodeling!   Enhanced Living Why
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Buying Historic Furniture

Whether you have a historic home or are looking to add rustic charm to your home, buying antique furniture can add additional character and aesthetic to your home. Here are some tips to help you get you prepared for buying the best historic furniture. Style and Era Historic, or vintage, furniture is unique because the
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The Benefits of R-value Insulation

Feeling cold yet? If you can’t seem to stay warm in the winter and are spending too much money on electric heat, implementing high-quality R-value insulation will help you beat the cold. This time, we’ll go over how R-value insulation works and some of the ways it can benefit your home and the environment! What
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Signs It’s Time To Renovate The Bathroom

If you find yourself thinking about whether it’s time to renovate your bathroom, it probably is. Besides being a decorative and relaxing area of the house, the bathroom is essential to your family’s comfort. You owe it to yourself to make sure that your bathroom fulfills all of your expectations and is structurally sound. Besides
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Keeping The Pantry Organized

The pantry is possibly one of the most susceptible areas of the house to clutter. Yet, the pantry can be very easy to organize and maintain all year round, even during the most chaotic holiday periods. Think about how much time and stress you’ll save knowing that your food and supplies are not only safe
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Ways to Revitalize Your Historic Home

Let’s be honest, historic homes are great but sometimes they do need a makeover. Rather than do away with classical features though, you can add subtle modernizations and renovations that revitalize the property’s historical presence. Modernizing or renovating a historic house should not be about trying to make the home conform to the standard houses
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