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The Benefits of R-value Insulation

Feeling cold yet? If you can’t seem to stay warm in the winter and are spending too much money on electric heat, implementing high-quality R-value insulation will help you beat the cold. This time, we’ll go over how R-value insulation works and some of the ways it can benefit your home and the environment!

What is R-value and How Does It Work?

A material’s R-value measures the substance’s ability to resist heat loss, or conductive heat flow. The greater a substance’s R-value, the more heat it will retain so the warmer your house will be. This value is determined by several factors including material density and physical thickness. Insulation materials are designed to be strategically places to reduce the escape of heat in key areas. These areas also include sections of the house that are more exposed or susceptible to drafts. The amount of and location of your insulation will help you maintain a steady temperature.

Savings and Comforts

If you’re constantly cold in the house, odds are you’re running up your electric bill as you try to keep warm. This is a major indication that your house lacks the insulation needed to retain a comfortable temperature. This is easily avoidable with the installment of high R-value materials to insulate key areas of your home to stop the heat from escaping. Because you’ll be able to retain more heat, you’ll be able to save money on energy bills without the cost of your comfort!

Good for The Environment

One of the hidden benefits of R-value insulation is that this is a very environmentally sound investment. For one thing, adding this insulation will decrease your need for electric or gas heating which will make your home more eco-friendly as a whole. If you’re interested in green building for your home, insulation is a great first. You can also supplement this with geothermal heating to further decrease your use of electric heating and help the environment!

Boost Your Property’s Value!

Adding high-quality R-value insulation is another way to increase the value of your home if you’re looking to sell. By highlighting the energy savings of the house, you can its appeal to gain multiple interested parties. Who doesn’t like energy cost-savings options? In addition to saving on energy, R-value insulation brings in comfort and security to the household. For parents with young children, this insulation can add a great sense of relief knowing that the home has an additional defense against the frigid temperatures that could lead to sickness.

Including the green aspect of the insulation is another draw. More and more consumers are being drawn to eco-friendly alternatives and housing options. Having R-value insulation could easily broaden the range of interested parties to include families or individuals looking for housing options that green housing-compatible and its reduced energy costs.

Hire Professionals

While you could conceivably install R-value insulation yourself, hiring qualified professionals would be a lot easier and ensure that you get the full return on your investment. At Custom Maryland, we pride ourselves on providing the skill and insight to help you accomplish all of your home customizations! We’ll not only help you choose which insulation material would work best for your home but also where to strategically install your R-value insulation so that you’ll receive the maximum benefit!