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Tips for Designing a Custom Built-in Bookcase

If you’re a book-lover, what better way to store your treasured literature than with a new built-bookcase? The answer: a custom-made bookcase! Not only will you be able to store your books safely but this addition will add a unique feature to your home that will enhance the visual aesthetic of your house. A built-in bookcase will more space to work and help you avoid the clutter of standing shelves. But chiefly, you will gain a decorative piece to make your home seem like a scholar’s paradise! Here are some tips for designing a custom built-in bookcase!

Pick A Location

Begin thinking about where you might want to see your bookcase. Do you want to have a built-in bookcase installed in the living room to have a complete entertainment suite complete with a TV and Couch? Or, do you want a private library in your room or den so you can escape to a quiet place to read?

Another thing to consider is how the bookcase will add to the particular room. Consider picking a space that doesn’t have too many fixtures so you can avoid clutter. If you have a blank space, a great way to fill it would be to bring in a bookcase to liven up the room and make it more interesting.

Consider the Size

Choosing the size of your built-in bookcase will go a long way in influencing the overall design. You’ll naturally want enough space for your books but consider including room for new additions and shelf decorations. Consider how much space you want the bookcase to take up. If you only want a few selected books or photographs displayed, you can have built-in bookcase smaller built at waist-high. Alternatively, you could have the bookcase ingratiated into an entire wall or multiple walls. While the visual display is important, be sure to also account for other uses for wall space and allow for flexibility.


Color is another core consideration for a built-in bookcase. After all, this isn’t just going to make your bookcase stand out, but become a custom addition to the room itself. If you want to have your bookcase blend seamlessly into the attached wall, you can use the identical or similar color to continue the over-arching scheme. An alternative to this would be to make the color stand out or contrast the surrounding wall. This will give the bookcase further scope, and make the built-in bookcase seem like a unique aspect of the room instead of just being part of the wall.

If you decide to have the custom bookcase built of wood, you’ll have an array of wood types and colors to consider. Staining the wood can also add protection to the bookcase while finishing to wood grain and texture with a tailored look.

Custom Style Begets a Tailored Approach

Perhaps you have a unique design in mind for your built-in bookcase. At Custom Build Maryland, our qualified staff is ready to help you bring your design to life. Still uncertain of the qualities or aspects you want in your bookcase, no problem! We’ll work with you to design the bookcase and then initiate the construction ourselves. At Custom Build Maryland, we pride ourselves on providing the skill and insight to help you accomplish all of your home improvements for you and your family to enjoy.